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Give people collaboration tools not training plans

In the network era people lean more from real time collaboration and from their network than from training arranged by HR. Give people collaboration tools not training plans once a year (that rarely become more than a piece of paper). It shuld be a priority for every IT department to provide collaborations tolls and to […]

Banning security software to increase security is the wrong appraoch

Something is really really wrong when an IT department ban installing something that will improve security, like installing recognised encryption software or a password manager. I am told the IT departments control the software that can be installed to increase security…. something don’t add up here.

Rough applications or useful tools ?

Most corporate IT departments are trying to ensure only a small approved set of application is used. I have even see a company that runs a big internet site, trying to ban 500+ engineers from downloading free stuff from the internet, was pretty funny and show how out of touch some IT departments are with […]

Use of collaboration and social networking tools in business

I just came across an article in Computing about how businesses begin to use collaboration and social networking tools. This is an area where many companies in my view don’t use available tools just because they are see as consumer graded, despite the can benefit an organisation by improving how they work across organisation boundaries. […]

Instant messaging do not leads to more interruptions

A common reason for not using instant messaging tool in the workplace is a perception that this kind of tools leads to more interruption. I feel instant message tools can be very useful, not just internally in an organisation but also as a way of working with suppliers. However the perception of more interruptions has […]