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A virtual handshake or a virtual cold call?

Hardly a day passes without I receive an email that invites me to join someone on LinkedIn. I often hit delete straight away, but from time to time I reply and explain that I use LinkedIn to network with people I know from a work related situation and have met in real life or have […]

Should I be honoured or am I just a sales opportunity ?

LinkedIn is not a network I am very active on, but I logged in today and found lots of invites from recruitment agencies. Not sure if I should be honoured so many want to be in my network of if I should feel as a sales oppotunity (I am currently hiring more software engineers)… I […]

Do private data stay private ?

Dawn Foster has written a post about privacy and how we can’t assume it means shared information is kept private, the post is worth reading: Online Privacy is an Illusion. The observations are articular relevant to consider after Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over

Your actions talks louder than your careful crafted message

Google has now enabled the inclusion of real-time data in it’s searches. It will be interesting to see if this lead to companies being better at looking after their reputation in the on-line sphere. It is not uncommon for service problems to be flagged up at twitter and it should scare a company to know […]

Share personal information to create credibility?

A study by professors Mor Naaman and Jeffrey Boase found Twitter is 80% “Meformers” and 20% Informers but interesting to read the comments to a  blog post about the study, several of the comments are along the lines of getting to know the person by the shared personal (me) information give credibility (trust) to other […]

For engaged employees: “Communicate with” or “Communicate to”

Carolyn Ray, vice-president of employee engagement at National Public Relations in Toronto find a shift is happening in the workplace communication, from monologue to dialogue – from communicating to, to communicating with. Companies using social media to engage employees in more meaningful dialogue see  improved efficiency, collaboration and engagement. The whole article can be read […]

Do you share ?

Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO, has said: “not sharing means not existing” I find this quote thought provoking, so I thought I would share it with you blog readers (even I have shared it at other media already). I guess being invisible by not sharing is a risk in a world where interaction via social media […]