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Don’t waste money on a social media team

Social media creates new opportunities to engage with customers and understand them and their needs better. Customers that feel an organisation listen to them and appreciate their input become loyal customers – something every organisation aims for. However this opportunity can with the wrong mind-set be wasted or even worse have the opposite effect, if […]

Can I suggest Social Media is renamed People Ware

Social Media are in my view all about people and enabling them to communicate and to collaborate as they did before the world became a global village without a way of easy interacting. Wouldn’t a better name for social media service and tools be People Ware ? It is about people not about a medie.

Skype Workspace – market place or collaboration?

Reading about Skype In The Workspace makes me fear Skype (owned by Microsoft) don’t get collaboration. The word is not mentioned a single time in the description but there is lots of talk about working from anywhere – that was what happened last decade. This decade is about people collaborating, I know Microsoft has bought […]

Why advertising needs to be combined with social media

“Advertising, can get customers in the door only one time. After that, it’s up the seller to build customer trust and loyalty.” – that is why social media is so important – it allows you to engage with the customers (if done right!) Credit: The quote was from a blog post by Steve Olenski

Social Media not a fix for a broken organisation

An increasing number of companies begin to use social media as a part of their customer service, but some organisation, like Vodafone UK, seem to think bolting a social media team on a broken organisation will keep customers happy. It will ensure customer get a response but that is far from the same as having […]

Nothing new about new technology

The best read today was a blog post from Mark Schaefer who said: “At each stage of our technological evolution, business leaders have had to adapt and adopt. This is no different. Social media is an evolution in how we communicate.” I would go further than just to social media, it also apply to collaboration […]

If you aren’t a Steve Jobs… engage with your customers

Steve Jobs was known for his ability to create products the customers like even they hadn’t been involved in the creation process, however few people has this ability and have to relay on other ways of defining a product. A product is, in my experience, often defined by the product managers with input from a […]