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Read what Albert Einstein said about project management

Albert Einstein was not a project manager, but said something very wise many organisation can learn from and project managers should keep in mind.


How to start a meeting in a delivery focused way

I suggest a simple way to get meetings focused on delivery is changing the introduction round so people say how they contribute to the delivery of the project, not what their role is or what they manage. There is a big difference between ‘I am the procurement manager’ and ‘I ensure the engineers never are […]

Do you have shielded managers?

More than one organisation I have worked for had ‘protected managers’ that didn’t perform well or bullied employees but were protected and shielded from criticism because they were former colleagues of senior managers and head-hunted to the position. It left employees with nowhere to raise the problems, I have even seen a HR team being […]

Agile is a mindset not a methodology

Agile is a hot word in software development and there are many articles written about Agile, or not so Agile, software development. Most articles focus on the methodology but Mark W. Schumann has written an interesting blog post that looks at what is required for success with Agile development. One of the interesting points is […]

Project management – the essential

Just been on a programme management course, the MSP flavour, but I came across this article that describes the essential of project management, a good reminder and should be given to all junior/new project managers in any program in my view. We should not forget the projects are delivering the capabilities the programs use to […]