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No symbols please, we are a bank

HSBC has a strange approach to web site security: They promote their Trusteer Rapport security software at each login to their business banking website so they give the impression they are keen on online security, however a basic step in improving security, the abilty to change password is so difficult that I had to call […]

Endomondo here an idea to increased usage of your app

I have recently started to use the endomondo app, more impressive than my running speed is the fact I could run and still think about ways the product could be improved. The app has a pep talk function that allows you to send encouragements to friends running however I can’t find a way to be […]

Avoid lonely users to avoid the dead pool

Everybody who creates solutions where interaction with other users is a part of the service should read about ‘The Engagement Horizon’ in this blog post. The number of services I have tired but never used again is significant. The reason has often been the fact I was a lonely user without somebody to interact or […]

Nice and not so nice about the Amex and Capital One iPhone Apps

I have added two apps to my iPhone, both from credit card companies, a couple of observations Capital One (UK) App Why require a different app password to the one used for accessing the account via the web ? Why only allow numbers in the app password ? Why limit the app password to 6 […]

If you aren’t a Steve Jobs… engage with your customers

Steve Jobs was known for his ability to create products the customers like even they hadn’t been involved in the creation process, however few people has this ability and have to relay on other ways of defining a product. A product is, in my experience, often defined by the product managers with input from a […]

Why users must be in control of Facebook seemless sharing

Facebook seamless sharing has been discussed by several bloggers this week, some has criticised how it is designed from a user experience while other feel it is oversharing. My view is that the users always need to be in control of what is shared and not just via an option to opt-in/out of sharing everything […]

Product managers need to say no sometimes

I have received an email from Capital One about a new feature: Their web site now allows you to view your PIN on-line, however who will use the feature: People who use their card will know the PIN – most transactions requires the PIN these days. People who doesn’t use their card is not like to […]