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Don’t use years of experience to determine delivery skills

Exams passed or years of experience in a field aren’t arguments for being good at something, particular not delivery, despite job spec often state these requirements. Better arguments are mindset and examples of the actions the mindset has lead to. I hope to see job specifications one day that describes the required mindset not how […]

Commit and then say No – how to deliver a project

The Marathon Monks says ‘If You Commit to Nothing, You’ll Be Distracted By Everything’ – imagine an organisation committed to delivery and that saw everything not contributing to delivery as distraction that should be reduced – that would force a refocus of the PMO, HR, procurement teams in some companies (but not all). It would […]

No symbols please, we are a bank

HSBC has a strange approach to web site security: They promote their Trusteer Rapport security software at each login to their business banking website so they give the impression they are keen on online security, however a basic step in improving security, the abilty to change password is so difficult that I had to call […]

Do you need to know that 12×12 is 144?

Do you need to know that 12×12 is 144? What is important in education as we move from the industrial era to the knowledge era.

Skype Workspace – market place or collaboration?

Reading about Skype In The Workspace makes me fear Skype (owned by Microsoft) don’t get collaboration. The word is not mentioned a single time in the description but there is lots of talk about working from anywhere – that was what happened last decade. This decade is about people collaborating, I know Microsoft has bought […]

Is your business card fit for the 21st century?

This really don’t makes sense in the 21st century: Being at a networking event and speaking to someone and then at the end of the conversation getting a business card with a name, phone number, email address (and a fax number if a real dinosaur). Please give me your twitter handler or blog, we are […]

Does a best practice exist?

It is common to hear people say they are implementing the best practice, but is there one universal ‘best practice’ ? The answer is simply no – there isn’t just one best practice for how you plan a product or deliver projects. There  are methodologies, but none of them  are the same as a best […]