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Empathy is not customer service

I have noticed a trend where customer service try to show empathy when you call, they state how they understand the issue must be frustrating/annoying/whatever – however it does feels very scripted in many cases. The real problem is, it is not customer service, I don’t call for empathy but to get a problem sorted […]

No customer service without common sense

I went to a local One Stop shop (part of Tesco) to buy painkillers and queued up to pay. As I came closer to the till I gave the pack to my daughter (8 yr old) and a £1 so she could pay. The staff member at the till declared loud that he could not […]

Passive customer service is not customer service

I have several times reported a problem to One Stop (part of Tesco) about their staff closing an in-store Post Office before the announced closing hours. Their answer is just ‘we have asked the area manager to  investigate’ – that is just such a passive response and has nothing to do with customer service – […]

How to create ambassadors for your organisation

The view that people leave an organisation as an ambassador or as an enemy normal refer to the experience employees have when leaving an organisation, however the view is also relevant for the experience people have when leaving as a customer and it is essential in the social era to go a step further and […]

Happy Christmas or Happy Promotion?

The season for Christmas greetings is here and I enjoy to hear from people I know but I can’t say I enjoy getting a Christmas getting from an organisation – people wish  people a happy Christmas, organisations are, yes, organisations and do promotions not Christmas wishes. It doesn’t matter how personalised a card is, if […]

Consumers’ 1 question: Do you care?

Most of what I buy these days is offered by a number of retailers at pretty much the same price with the service around the shopping experience as the only difference. This fact makes it hard to understand why so few retailers, even in the 21st century, don’t focus on creating an experience that makes […]

No symbols please, we are a bank

HSBC has a strange approach to web site security: They promote their Trusteer Rapport security software at each login to their business banking website so they give the impression they are keen on online security, however a basic step in improving security, the abilty to change password is so difficult that I had to call […]