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How to declutter your internal communnication

David Shing predicts defriending and unfollowing is going to be the next big thing as users realise that the increasing “noise” on social networks is counterproductive. David works for AOL so I don’t think he is referring to the use of social media in the work place and I would argue the use of social […]

Translation of Virgin Media speak

The Virginmedia.com page states: You can now fully customise your Virgin Media homepage. This doesn’t mean you can fully customise your Virgin Media homepage, it means you can remove some components from the page, but not elements like search, top searches, hot offers, adverts. Wouldn’t it be nice if marketing teams could write without inflate […]

A refreshing honest explanation of an outage

I received the mail below from a service I use. It is clearly written by an engineer but I actually the explanation more than when I get one of these facts free marketing mails that try to cover up a problem. Ok, an added benefit of the mail below, it made me smile too. (I […]

Calling it a phone doesn’t mean you are having a conversation

South West Trains (SWT) is running something they call Live Web Chat every 6 months this is apparently done because they believe in listening to the views and opinions of their customers. However, it seems like they just picked the name of a technology and pretend it is used to listen to the customers, but […]