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Give people collaboration tools not training plans

In the network era people lean more from real time collaboration and from their network than from training arranged by HR. Give people collaboration tools not training plans once a year (that rarely become more than a piece of paper). It shuld be a priority for every IT department to provide collaborations tolls and to […]

Avoid lonely users to avoid the dead pool

Everybody who creates solutions where interaction with other users is a part of the service should read about ‘The Engagement Horizon’ in this blog post. The number of services I have tired but never used again is significant. The reason has often been the fact I was a lonely user without somebody to interact or […]

Nothing new about new technology

The best read today was a blog post from Mark Schaefer who said: “At each stage of our technological evolution, business leaders have had to adapt and adopt. This is no different. Social media is an evolution in how we communicate.” I would go further than just to social media, it also apply to collaboration […]

Why a team lunch is good for the team performance

I worked earlier in my career in a country where it was more common for teams to go for lunch together than it is where I live now. I have for many years believe it was good for team performance to have team lunch together but without being able to say why, I came across […]

How to declutter your internal communnication

David Shing predicts defriending and unfollowing is going to be the next big thing as users realise that the increasing “noise” on social networks is counterproductive. David works for AOL so I don’t think he is referring to the use of social media in the work place and I would argue the use of social […]

Start collaboration during the recruitment

I came across an article were Scott Berkun speaks to Royal Winchester about interviews, some interesting points in the article so worth reading if you are involved in recruitment. I was glad to see something I often do was suggested: “put candidates in problems and situations like the real ones they’ll face, and watch. They […]

No talking, please?

Carol Rozwell, Peter Sondergaard and Paul Proctor argued at the Gartner Symposium for not allowing corporate computing departments to block social networking and that security teams shouldn’t lock down communications with the outside world. A summery of the session is posted here. It is interesting to read the comments left at the blog post, few […]