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Give people collaboration tools not training plans

In the network era people lean more from real time collaboration and from their network than from training arranged by HR. Give people collaboration tools not training plans once a year (that rarely become more than a piece of paper). It shuld be a priority for every IT department to provide collaborations tolls and to […]

Banning security software to increase security is the wrong appraoch

Something is really really wrong when an IT department ban installing something that will improve security, like installing recognised encryption software or a password manager. I am told the IT departments control the software that can be installed to increase security…. something don’t add up here.

Don’t use years of experience to determine delivery skills

Exams passed or years of experience in a field aren’t arguments for being good at something, particular not delivery, despite job spec often state these requirements. Better arguments are mindset and examples of the actions the mindset has lead to. I hope to see job specifications one day that describes the required mindset not how […]

Your organisation needs more cats and less dogs!

Dogs, do in general, please the people around them. Cats, do in general, ofte wander off and disrupts or ignore your plans. Human resource teams like to find dogs (sorry people) that fit into the organisation and please everybody, but many organisations need more ‘cats’ – people that aren’t just following instructions to get their […]

Commit and then say No – how to deliver a project

The Marathon Monks says ‘If You Commit to Nothing, You’ll Be Distracted By Everything’ – imagine an organisation committed to delivery and that saw everything not contributing to delivery as distraction that should be reduced – that would force a refocus of the PMO, HR, procurement teams in some companies (but not all). It would […]

Happy Christmas or Happy Promotion?

The season for Christmas greetings is here and I enjoy to hear from people I know but I can’t say I enjoy getting a Christmas getting from an organisation – people wish  people a happy Christmas, organisations are, yes, organisations and do promotions not Christmas wishes. It doesn’t matter how personalised a card is, if […]

Don’t waste money on a social media team

Social media creates new opportunities to engage with customers and understand them and their needs better. Customers that feel an organisation listen to them and appreciate their input become loyal customers – something every organisation aims for. However this opportunity can with the wrong mind-set be wasted or even worse have the opposite effect, if […]