I have several times reported a problem to One Stop (part of Tesco) about their staff closing an in-store Post Office before the announced closing hours. Their answer is just ‘we have asked the area manager to  investigate’ – that is just such a passive response and has nothing to do with customer service – […]

The Morgan McKinley website looks very professional, however, as so often with recruitment agencies, the reality is very different. I received an invite on LinkedIn from one of their staff members, the invite only had the default ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.‘ In general I use LinkedIn for people […]

Why does a recruitment agency think I will let their corporate twitter account follow my personal and closed twitter stream? (yes the bio says it a personal twitter stream). I am used to random recruitment agents I never have spoken to want to follow me on LinkedIn, but this is a step further in gate […]

There is rarely a day without somebody from one of the 8,000 recruitment agencies in UK wants to connect on LinkedIn. In far most cases the invite comes from a person I never have met or had any contact with – just a request of out of the blue. Normally the invites don’t go further […]

A recruiter that claimed to have been a recruiter for 15 years, sent me this I noticed your profile on LinkedIn and found you have strong experience for a Digital Project Manager role I have available. The role is a long term contract offering an excellent day rate. Would you be interested? How can an […]

Food for thought for recruitments – asks questions about a common practice in recruitment industry were recruitment agents ask for favours.

Many in the recruitment industry don’t master the basic and few likes dealing with recruitment agents, really an industry that is ripe for some disruption.