About me

Hello, I am Torben, I help organisations getting problems sorted out and stuff delivered, some have called it making the boat go faster – all done on a contract (freelance) basis so get in touch if this is something you are interested in hearing more about.

I can not formaly be classified as a digital native, because I was born before all the world’s knowledge was available with a few clicks and before you had to be a digital business to have a future. (My children are surprised to hear I lived before the www). However I am an early explorer of technologies, I believe is (or will be) useful. This means things like instant messing, collaboration tools, able to work anywhere has been a part of my life for many years – kind of a Generation Y in a Generation X body.

I live in Surrey, UK and online – you can reach me at torben at overgaard dot me dot uk (I am sure you can make an email address of that) or find more details at my Google profile or at my About Me page.

The posts on this blog are often about customer service in the social media age and how organisations works and collaborate – including engaging with customers using social media (particular in relation to customer service). Recruitment agencies struggle in this area, big time, and working freelance means I frequently experiences their lack of skills in this area.

This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of organisations I work with.


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