Recruiters, you make me laugh!

Dear recruiters of IT professionals,

You really make me laugh so often! Do you want to know why?

Ok, let me tell you, I hear how you often find it difficult to recruit people, particular the highly experienced with skills that aren’t easy to find or are in high demand. This makes me laugh when I see how naive and amateurish you are in many of your contact with people that either could fill the contract or point you to some who could. The difficulties you have, are really so often self inflected.

Let me give you an example, today a random recruiter I never had been in touch with sent me an invite to join him on LinkedIn. For a start it just said “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” – that is the default text, no effort what so ever had gone into the invite. The agent was lucky, I replied and asked how he would add value to my network.

To his credit, he replied, that is unusual for recruitment agents, he said he was after a scrum master for 3 months – it really would be a big step forward if recruiters knew and understood the difference between a network invite and an InMail message and when to use each of them. That had nothing to do with networking.

He explained he was reaching out to you and see if I, or any in my network may be interested. All the info he gave was ‘Scrum Master for 3 month’. No serious IT professional will get in touch with their network based on pretty much no info, not even the most basic info like location, level of experience, day rate were included.

So dear recruiters, maybe you would find people were more prepared to talk to you or even help you, if you got the basic sorted out.


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