No customer service without common sense

I went to a local One Stop shop (part of Tesco) to buy painkillers and queued up to pay. As I came closer to the till I gave the pack to my daughter (8 yr old) and a £1 so she could pay.

The staff member at the till declared loud that he could not sell the painkiller, I asked why, he said she is too young. I said I am her parent even it was obvious that she was with me as I had just given her the item and money (and I was just behind her fortunately). He continue talking about how it was the law. The law does without doubt require painkillers to be sold to an adult, but it can be handled in a sensible way – particular important when dealing with a child.

A bit of common sense would have made it a decent experience. Common sense could be as simple as asking ‘Ok if I sell this to your dad instead, they aren’t for children’ or ‘I need to sell them to a grown up’. I moved the pack an inch towards the till and the staff member could sell it – maybe making a big issue out of it to a child wasn’t really needed.

Just to really make the point about not caring about customer experience – the staff member encouraged me to complain, maybe a sorry would have been more sensible.


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