7999 competitors but no effort to stand out

The Morgan McKinley website looks very professional, however, as so often with recruitment agencies, the reality is very different.

I received an invite on LinkedIn from one of their staff members, the invite only had the default ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.‘ In general I use LinkedIn for people I know from a work related situation and have met in real life or had a useful dialogue with online so I asked how he would contribute to my network as I didn’t know him.

No response was received, so I tried to follow-up, but the invite had been cancelled (that is fine), but the staff member obvious didn’t feel it would be polite to reply to my response after inviting me. Sending an invite with just the default text and then not being prepared to reply to a question is a quick way to go from being a potential decent recruitment agency to just another recruitment agency.

It is hard to understand that with 8000 recruitment agencies in UK why so few agencies make any attempt in standing out in a positive way.


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