Recruitment is a relationship business, sending random LinkedIn invites is not

There is rarely a day without somebody from one of the 8,000 recruitment agencies in UK wants to connect on LinkedIn. In far most cases the invite comes from a person I never have met or had any contact with – just a request of out of the blue.

Normally the invites don’t go further than to the default ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.’ Why do so few recruitment agencies understand that they are in the relationship business and that a random invite on LinkedIn has nothing what so ever to do with relationship building – in fact just make them look lazy. Accepting all these invites would just create a long list of random people and would have nothing to do with networking.

Today’s invite was from Think IT Recruitment Ltd The agent was apparently hiring senior people, but had only been a recruiter for 11 months. Something don’t add up here. Oh yes, the person was doing permanent hire – I am in the contract market. Something here, says, no research, just a random invite from someone that after 11 months can help some with 25 years of experience.

Time to hit delete on another invite from a random recruiter.


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