The recruitment industry needs some disruption

Yesterday I had 5 calls from recruitment agents, 3  of them had obvious not look at my CV at all before calling, 2 were a complete one way conversation.

Why are there so many recruitment agencies that fail on the most basic like reading (or even just looking at) a CV  before calling or why do so many think talked at a candidate will make him/her want to work with the recruitment agent. This should be basic knowledge for recruitment agencies, but certainly isn’t for many recruiters.

The recruitment industry is ripe for some disruptive technology or just a new professional approach.


One comment

  1. They do it because it works. Some agencies pay on short list length, even on calls made. Remember he only needs one candidate to get the job, the others just flatter his position. He may well fabricate the actual cvs he submits to his client. For him (or her) it’s a numbers game to pitch against the other agencies.


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