Happy Christmas or Happy Promotion?

The season for Christmas greetings is here and I enjoy to hear from people I know but I can’t say I enjoy getting a Christmas getting from an organisation – people wish  people a happy Christmas, organisations are, yes, organisations and do promotions not Christmas wishes.

It doesn’t matter how personalised a card is, if it isn’t signed by the hand of a person I know then it is a promotion – no matter hos much it is camouflaged as a Christmas card.

Great to get a card (or mail) from you, if you are a friend, family or people I know from a work related situation and have met in real life or had a useful dialogue with online – however this doesn’t include have got hold of my CV or found my web-site (recruitment agencies do you listen!!).

Happy Christmas and enjoy the opportunities the season gives for engaging with people that know you. People say Happy Christmas, organisations don’t….



You may want to read this blog post about building a relationship business.


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