Don’t ask a recruiter to read your CV!

A recruiter mailed me about a job that had no relevance for me so I asked him to either read my CV or delete me from his database. He went for the delete option. A recruiter who can’t be bothered to read a CV, does it get much worse?

To be fair, there was a bit of positive in the experience, the recruiter responded (to say he went for the delete option), not often you get a response from a recruiter.

I wasn’t too unhappy about the outcome, I have over the years identified a few decent recruiters that I work closely with, so getting out of a time wasting recruiter’s database isn’t bad. What I don’t understand is why so many recruiters don’t make any effort to understand potential candidates profiles, not even on the most simple level like permanent or contracting. So much room for improvement for so many recruitment agents.



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