Don’t waste money on a social media team

Social media creates new opportunities to engage with customers and understand them and their needs better. Customers that feel an organisation listen to them and appreciate their input become loyal customers – something every organisation aims for. However this opportunity can with the wrong mind-set be wasted or even worse have the opposite effect, if customer feel they aren’t appreciated and just are ignored after they have spending time on contacting the organisation.

Have I experience this? Yes I have, I posted a tweet with a suggestion for a new feature in a checkout process but for a start the social media team couldn’t handle the idea and it all ended up with a lengthy email where the organisation tried to justify their current process (they actually went a step further and treated me as an idiot by explaining they needed a delivery address to deliver the order- I think pretty much 100% of on-line shoppers know this!). Did this make me a loyal customer? No. Do I want to go back to the web-shop? Nope.

I can only say, organisations should not establish a social media team before they have a customer focused mind-set and is interested in engage with customer to understand their needs better and not jump on the social media wagon because this is seen as the thing to do.


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