Skype Workspace – market place or collaboration?

Reading about Skype In The Workspace makes me fear Skype (owned by Microsoft) don’t get collaboration. The word is not mentioned a single time in the description but there is lots of talk about working from anywhere – that was what happened last decade.

This decade is about people collaborating, I know Microsoft has bought Yammer the enterprise collaboration tool, but does the absence of collaboration features in Skype Workspace reflect a different positioning or do Skype/Microsoft not understand that collaboration isn’t just inside an organisation but between organisation too and that it rapidly is moving to a new level?

It looks to me like Skype has created a ‘me too’ market place with a phone service bolted on the top, not something that helps people to collaborate. Not sure I can see what Skype really adds to the market place, there are already several services in this field.


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  1. While voice is important, texting is important, and email is still popular, it’s video that offers a more engaging, rich and more productive way to communicate. According to Skype’s recent Living Workplace survey (link to previous blog on survey), 42 percent of technology-empowered workers feel that the workplace is suffering from information overload and over 1/3 of these respondents (35 percent) put the blame on e-mail. Among those surveyed who currently use video, many of them experienced benefits including increased productivity, better collaboration, saving time and money.


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