Bad customer service kills companies in the global village

Reader of my blog know bad customer service and me don’t mix well! I have dropped several companies due to bad service and these days I increasingly share bad experience on-line and I this is an increasing trend. This means companies need to realise that they will be found out if they offer a sub standard customer experience.

Social media is turning the table, big corporation can no longer take the money and treat customer badly and hope to keep it hidden, social media makes bad service visible to potential customers. It is an absolute most these days to engage on social media with customer that have been had a bad experience. Engage doesn’t mean, being a talking head but to work with the customer to resolve the problem. Social media has recreated the town square, everybody quickly know how a business treat customer. The town square is now a part of the global village. Bad customer service travel as fast in the global village as it did in the town square 100 years ago but in the global village it only takes a few clicks to find a new supplier.

To make it worse, people trust their friends’ experience more a shiny web site – which companies do you think will fail to make it to the new global village?


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