Social Media not a fix for a broken organisation

An increasing number of companies begin to use social media as a part of their customer service, but some organisation, like Vodafone UK, seem to think bolting a social media team on a broken organisation will keep customers happy. It will ensure customer get a response but that is far from the same as having a happy customer!

A customer service social media team only add real lasting value if it is able to get problems resolved and address poor customer experiences. People often use twitter as a last call before ditching an organisation so it is essential the social media team isn’t just a bunch of chatty guys put in by a well meaning senior management team to tick the social media box.

Imaging potential customers finding tweets that are thanking your organisation instead of complaining about unresolved issues…. that would be good marketing and in the 21st century, be better use of money than spending them on glossy marketing material.


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