Avoid lonely users to avoid the dead pool

Everybody who creates solutions where interaction with other users is a part of the service should read about ‘The Engagement Horizon’ in this blog post.

The number of services I have tired but never used again is significant. The reason has often been the fact I was a lonely user without somebody to interact or engage with. Trying a service in the category of ‘See what your friends….’  or ‘Collaborate with your colleagues’ and then just watch an empty screen/map/list is not a way of making users come back.

I expect many services have gone to the dead pool for this simple reasons, they had users, but it was lonely users not clusters of connected users.

One comment

  1. HA! I’m happy the term is catching on 🙂

    Doesn’t “The Engagement Horizon” sound ominous? I should patent that shit lol

    Thnx for the linkback 🙂


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