Why users must be in control of Facebook seemless sharing

Facebook seamless sharing has been discussed by several bloggers this week, some has criticised how it is designed from a user experience while other feel it is oversharing. My view is that the users always need to be in control of what is shared and not just via an option to opt-in/out of sharing everything done on a site (like playing a piece of music, reading an article etc.) – the user must decide for each item if it is shared or not. A more selective approach to sharing will reduce the number of items shared but it will at increase the quality of what is shared. Items that are shared (seamless) without a user actively deciding to share it, are in many cases, just clutter in the news feed – the automated sharing without a user adding a comment/context really goes against the personal interaction that is a key fundament for social media. Social Media isn’t just a new channel to push out message but a channel for interactions.

Other blog posts that discuss Facebook seamless sharing
Marshall Kirkpatrick – Why Facebook’s Seamless Sharing is Wrong
Richard MacManus – Facebook Hasn’t Ruined Sharing, It’s Just Re-Defined It

Douglas Idugboe – Is Facebook Heading Towards An Overdose of Sharing?


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