How to get to the top of the UK complaints list ?

Barclays Bank has received 251,563 complains in just 6 months, this is enough for them to secure the top spot on the UK complaints list. I can, as one of these many people, say I think this is well deserved, they have worked hard on achiving this.

I decided 10 days ago that it was time to do something for the environments and save Barclays bank a fair amount of money by asking them to stop sending me junk mail. That shouldn’t be too difficult would most people think, but not when we are talking Barclay.

First step was to find a number I could call, it was well hidden in the the small print – Barclays obvious don’t want to talk to their potential customers.

Three attempt to get their offshore (non European) call center to remove me from their mail list, no luck, not even when I asked for a supervisor. (we had a few disconnect issues too!)

I decided public shame was the only way to get off the list, so posted a tweet and I got a response on twitter. Not so bad a start, but sadly it all went down hill for Barclays from here.

I emailed the address given in the response. The next I see is a tweet where Barclays say they are waiting for response to an email, that email did never make it to my inbox (not even in the spam folder), anyway I get in touch with Barclay and confirmed my postal address was as stated in the first email and that it was paper junk mail.

You would think this is the end of the saga but not when we are dealing with the company on the top of the complains list. Barclays call to check my address is correct as stated twice – obvious not enough with the confirmation by email. I made clear in uncertain terms that I don’t want any further contact from any part of Barclays in any form or shape.

This just leads to an email saying “I understand that you wanted no further contact” – great they got it, ohh no, they didn’t get it because it continues with – “we are required to confirm that the issue is being investigated, in line with our complaints policy. A Customer Relationship Manager will need to contact you once the investigation is complete” – Great policy over customer service, I am sure that will win many customers!

Latest step is a 2 page letter with 5 questions, that includes asking for my address (4th time!), if it is a paper mail (2nd time this is asked) and checking if I am a customer – somebody really deserve to be fired for this.

I am sure this isn’t the end of poor customer service…

This is how to get to the top of the UK complaints list – well done Barclays, you truly deserve it !


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