That is customer service

One of the apps on my iPhone is “On Voicefeed” and I have been a satisfied user for some time but it all ended yesterday:  I couldn’t login to the app and my voice messages go to the app so I was obvious not happy. I suspected it was an app update that had caused the problem, so I decided to try it when home and just remove the app if it still failed and no new update had been made available to fix the problem – a nice app, but I don’t have time for apps that doesn’t work.

Before I got a chance to try it again a mail arrived explaining the problem and what would be done plus an indication of the timeline. “Life is better on” who is behind the app had even made a small free update of my service because of the problem caused by the update. That is what I call customer service; proactive, fast and not just words.

A happy user again.


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