Don’t wish me a good day, make it a good day

1&1 has wished me a good days three times over the last 24 hours – very kind, but I am not after a scripted ‘have a good day’ when I call custom service, I am looking for actions that make the day good. 1&1 please:

  • Stop telling me you can’t see why the service is locked but will send a request through again.

this doesn’t give me any reason to believe the problem will be resolved, it obvious didn’t work first time a request went through, why should it work 2nd time whey you don’t know what caused the problem? (I can tell you it didn’t work a second time either)

  • Stop telling that it should work again in 3 hours.

this doesn’t give me confidence anybody will pay attention to the issue after the call has ended (I can tell you it didn’t work after 3 yours).

Please take ownership, find the root cause, resolve it, follow it to resolution and let me know about the progress – this will make it a good day even without a scripted wish about a good day.

Have a good day ! 🙂

One comment

  1. Agreed. Being wished a good day is used far too often I’m immune to it. Actions always speak louder than words. I’m not used to being asked “are you having a bad day” however. Read this, it beggars belief!


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