This is why I use twitter for customer service.

I have in several blog posts argued why organisations need to engage with customers on twitter, including as one of the channels for customers service. I very often find customer service via twitter is far better than via other channels and I realised the other day why: The interaction on twitter isn’t scripted as when you speak to a call centre where any issue that doesn’t fit the script is unlikely to result in an acceptable customer experience. It is completely different on twitter. You raise an issue on twitter and a human think about the right response not what a script says he should do. I am well aware the reason behind often is a bit of fear – organisation knows problems can be shown next to their careful worded marketing messages when people research an organisation so they are keen on showing they care and resolve problems
Not every organisation understand how to use twitter for customer support, I have on more than occasion been offered support from Acronis when raising problems on twitter, but  twitter is clearly just a publicity stunt for them, I have never heard from them again when submitting the required info. So not all organisations who offer to help on twitter actually does it, but I have in most cases found support via twitter by far better than support via other support channels.


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