Don’t involve the usual people if you want to success with social media

Many companies realise they need to get involved with social media, unfortunately many organisations don’t do it the right way. Jon Weedon (@j0n1) highlights in his blog post the mistake in involving the usual people – the people who normal do communication and marketing but in many cases haven’t used social media to much more than posting a “Testing twitter” or “Hello world”.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am looking for my next role and have considered the social media sphere, but I am not so sure any longer, it has really surprised me how little understanding many digital agencies have of social media – despite their bold statements about their social media experience. Pushing automated tweets is like dumping poorly printed leaflets in the town square. I will say companies should not just look at who they involve internally but also consider very careful who they involve externally – an agency that doesn’t have a twitter account themselves should not even be considered – yes, they exist ! (I was considering a name and shame, but decided not to do it this time, it is so shocking that I don’t want to generate traffic for them).


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