Only bother with Social Media if you want to engage!

Daren Bach (@provokedesign) asks a good question: What is the point of using social media if you’re not actually engaging with those who were interested enough in your tweet, Facebook update, blog or video to take time out to retweet or leave a comment?

And the scary part: A recent survey of UK online retailers shows only around a quarter are bothering to respond on Twitter, even less on Facebook and none at all on YouTube or a site blog!

I have the last few weeks spoken to a number of companies about Social Media (because I consider if my next role should be in this field, hint hint) and I think many companies and even digital agencies need to ask that question and consider the anwer very careful. Few of the companies I have spoken comes much further than to the second step on my Levels of Social Media use – getting custmers to talk about a product (and it is still not uncommon to see twitter used as a channel for pushing messages out)

My levels of Social Media use

  • Talking at customer – threat twitter as a new channel for pushing messages
  • Getting customer to talk about a product (a classic is retweet and win)
  • Getting cutomer to interact with each other (a dicussion on a blog or Ping in iTunes)
  • Interact with customers


A study from Lightspeed Research shows, accoring to Graham Charlton (@gcharlton), that three bad online reviews would be enough to deter the majority (67%) of shoppers from purchasing a product or service – that is so significant numbers that it is difficult to understand any organisations wouldn’t see it as a priority to ensure they engage on twitter so any issues are resolved and customer feedback is fed back into the product team.


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