Do you camouflage PR as a blog ?

The Virgin Media (business) blog looks like PR camouflaged as a blog, becuase only 2 out of 60+ posts, I looked at, have comments even all posts has a prominent Submit a comment feature and some blog posts ask for comments. It could be nobody read the blog, but I decided to see if this was the reason or if comments just weren’t posted. The later seems to be the case, I submitted a comment and I got a response via email but the comment was not posted on the blog – probably because it pointed out where Virgin Media can do better.

Using a blog just as another channel for PR channel and not as a way to engage with customer is wasting an opportunity. The blog post (about service) was a fantastic opportunity to engage with customers on where there are service problems and what they expect and at a cost far lower than focus groups. The post was about customer service – talking at customer isn’t good customer service these days (not sure it ever has been) engaging with customer is both service and can lead to better service and products. Virgin Media I suggest you re-think your use of blogs !

PS: To be fair to Virgin Media, they are pretty active on twitter and engage with customer and try to help them out,  so some people in Virgin Media are getting the idea of social media not just being a PR channel.



  1. Hi Torben,

    Thank you for your thoughts on the Virgin Media Business blog. We’ve been trying hard to build relationships with our business customers online, since launching last year, so we’ll definitely take your comments on board.

    With comments, we’re happy to post them on the blog, as you mentioned, but our policy with comments regarding issues such as customer service has always been to get in touch with the customer directly. Often people don’t check the blog to see if we’ve posted a response to their comment, so we’re keen to make contact and resolve any issues as fast as we can.

    Virgin Media Business is pretty active on Twitter too. We use our @vmbusiness account to respond to all tweets from our business customers and others who would like to talk to us in this way. We use the @virginmedia account to engage with our consumer customers.

    All the best, Phil


  2. […] (and why lower cost is good), in this case it was Virgin Media – that in response to a comment where I pointing out the poor customer service offered from centres at a different continent. Lower […]


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