A consumer dreams… give me customer service not call centres !

Call me a dreamer, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if

  • Call centres were located at the same continent as you?
    • I have had ok experience with call centres located at different continents, but never outstanding experiences.
  • Call centre staff didn’t have to prioritise sale over making you happy being their customer?
    • I am sure many companies will claim this is the case, but unfortunately not my experience.
  • Cancellation teams polite asked if they could ask why you were leaving but their priority were to make the last contact a good experience so you were likely to come back instead remembering them as an organisation there were poor at service. Many organisation I have left used the opportunity to do market research and suggestion products or plans that aren’t competitive.
  • If companies saved cost by making fantastic self-service web sites instead of moving customer service to other continents.
  • Call centre staff were superb at solving problems not at following a script and company policies?
  • Call centre respected you, assumed you actually were right, knew what you were talking about?
  • Offered you a number that actually was free to call from modern communications tools, mobile phone, Skype?
  • Call centre were known as customer service centres not call centres?


Most products and prices are easy for competitors to match and getting new customers isn’t cheap, so I struggle to understand why so few organisations focus on customers service that retain customers or at least give customer a last positive experience if they decide to leave.


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