Remove critical material or engage ?

My last blog post in 2010 asked: “Will 2011 be the year social media helps to deliver honest and spin free customer service?”  The Commonwealth Bank needs to change its approach to achieve this in 2011 but Samsung shows they understand social media.

  • The Australian reports The Commonwealth Bank has threatened its employees with disciplinary action, including dismissal, if they do not report criticism of the bank made by others on social media channels and that employees must assist the bank with its removal.

This doesn’t sound as honest customer service to me, ok it is positive they are interested in what is happening in the social media, but trying to get critical material removed doesn’t not just show a complete lack of understanding of social media, it is the complete opposite of what they should do: Engage with their customers.

  • The Next Web reports a completely different take on social media. Samsung now includes social media conversations directly on to their web site, even the critical ones, but use it as a way to engage with customers – that is engagement and transparency when best.

The best a company can do in the social media age is to learn by listening to the customers view and engage with the customers in resolving problems – doing it so transparent as Samsung does not allow room for the typical customers service spin and there are plenty of examples of how bad it can go if a problem is denied and not engaging with the customers just makes it worse.


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