Customer service needs to adjust to the mobile phone era

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the choice of tool for communication and is replacing the wired phone lines, but customer service hasn’t adjusted to the mobile era yet.

Companies in UK still gives out phone numbers (like 0800, 0845) that aren’t included in mobile phones price plans – not even Carphone Warehouse provides a number that can be called by using inclusive minutes. Price plans include more and more minutes (the cost is moving to the data element) so good customer service would be to offer phone numbers mobile users don’t have to pay for using – it was the intention behind the 0800 numbers.

Companies still think the best way to use or store a phone number (or even worse a URL) is to read it from a piece of paper and type it in. Good customer service would be to include a QR (quick response code) so a phone number or URL easily can be scanned and stored in the mobile phones.

Companies still use automated systems that require the users to press keys to get to the right customer service department, this doesn’t work as well for mobile phone users as it does for call from a landline. Good customer service would be to offer a speech recognition option (with the touch tone option as a fall back for calls from noisy environments)


One comment

  1. Here here – agree with everything you say and particularly like the QR code bit 😉 Mobiles are changing everything and customer service in particular seems to slow to react to the new opportunties.


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