A difference between gone viral and results achieved

These days the buzz words are social media and viral marketing. The dream for many organisations is to create a campaign that spread across the social networks with limited effort from their side. Some organisation success in achieving this but getting a campaign to go viral isn’t the same as achieving real results for an organisation (few organisation has it as their goal to get a campaign to go viral). Measuring the success of a social media companion isn’t straight forward, but there are plenty of campaigns that have gone viral but where it would be justified to doubt if it hasn’t done much for the organisation goal.

One example that is spreading on the internet at the moment is about changing users profile picture to a cartoon character to help to reducing violence against children. I struggle to see how it helps to reduce violence (or NSPCC who is mentioned) – it would be different story of the campaign got people to donate or volunteer at a relevant charity.

There is a difference between viral and result.

Note: I doubt the mention campaign actually is started by NSPCC


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