A refreshing honest explanation of an outage

I received the mail below from a service I use. It is clearly written by an engineer but I actually the explanation more than when I get one of these facts free marketing mails that try to cover up a problem. Ok, an added benefit of the mail below, it made me smile too.
(I have removed a few product and company names)

Dear ******* customer,

since one week there are serious issues with the OS (OpenSolaris snv_134) with
the filesystem ZFS (Zpool from snv_111b).
The Zpool which is the core of ZFS had a corrupt spacemap.
After already an outage of 48 hours to recreate the whole zpool I have again
the same problems than I had before.

I get messages likes this:
Sep 18 09:43:56 global genunix: [ID 361072 kern.warning] WARNING: zfs: freeing free segment (offset=379733483520 size=4096)
Sep 18 11:02:10 global genunix: [ID 415322 kern.warning] WARNING: zfs: allocating allocated segment(offset=379695903232 size=2048)

This is totally inaceptable to run this on a production system.

I will now migrate back to Linux to Ubuntu Linux 10 LTS. I had before similar problems with ReiserFS on Linux.
So this time I will use ext3 to be sure that the filesystem would be this time very stable.
******* is multi-platform compatible on UNIX like systems, so there should be
no big problems to do this migration.

I’m now waiting on our hosting service ******* to provide us a new dedicated server.

I will do everything to get back the service online with high availability.

Sorry for this issues.

Best regards,
******* *******
******* administrator


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