Use twitter to dig a deeper hole

Ryanair has started to use twitter (@flytwitter) this seems as an unwise move because Ryanair is known for not entering into dialogue with customers. The bio for the twitter stream also states it will be used to push out marketing messages – it shows a complete lack of understanding of social media and what twitter is good for. The absolute key in social media is to engage with customer and have conversations; Ryanair use of twitter doesn’t seem to be intended for this purpose.

I think the twitter stream will give unhappy customers a central point to spread their complains in the online sphere – try to search for tweets addressed to @flyryanair, they are not giving a positive image of Ryanair. The @flyryanair twitter stream only has 7 followers, it shows people aren’t interested in marketing messages from an airline that refuses to engage with users.

I wonder how long time it will take before Ryanair realise they just dig a deeper hole and make customers perceive their customer service as even worse by not using twitter to what it is good for and it makes it easier for potentials customer to check other customers experience.

There are great examples of how airlines uses Social media, Shana Albert writes about this here

A couple of examples of how bad it can go

I can’t see many tweets that adddressed to @flyryanair will mention stories like this

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