Nokia you have a problem and this is not how to solve it!

Dear Nokia,

I hope you have realised you have a problem with your smart phones. Yes, you are selling more phones every year but your market share and profit are both falling. The response seems to have been

  • To sue Apple
  • A post on the Official Nokia Blog on how to hold a phone
  • A statement on how antenna design is a core competence at Nokia

I struggle to see how your actions will address the problem. The legal action may delay Apple a bit but it makes you look desperate. Will the action make consumers prefer your phones? No.

The two blog posts may be funny, but they aren’t going to sell more phones either. The posts just highlights the fact you don’t have an alternative to offer and need to make fun of your competitors to move attention away your sad offering. Yes you do get a bit of coverage in the tech blogs sphere because of the posts. Does it make you sell more phones? No.

I understand you expect your 4th quarter will be financial better due to an improved smartphone portfolio, but I am afraid you have to do more than creating phones consumers want to buy. I can only remember seeing one Symbian based application in the last year I would install (and it is only in beta and has been on the iPhone for long time, the WhatsApp), so you really need to do something.

Your Ovi app store is way behind what Apple and Google have in place. The buzz is around iPhone and Android based phones both in developers and consumers circles and you are in the process of moving from Symbian to MeeGo for your smart phones so pretty difficult to see why bother with an Symbian based phone or develop apps for the platform.

Nokia, there are so many areas that need fixing and you think a few new devices are going to turn things around in the 4th quarter, I am afraid, I have to say I doubt it is going to happen unless you take some more serious steps than what you have done so far – for a start, you to understand devices is only a part of what people buy these days.


One comment

  1. One hundred years ago, the biggest retailer in the US was Woolworth’s

    Nokia, you are done.


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