vouchercloud Shows How To Handle Negative Tweets

There have recently been a significant number of negative tweets about the iPhone app vouchercloud and the application has withhout doubt had problems and the features have not been well explained however I installed the application despite the negative tweets. I did this because 1) I liked the idea behind the application and 2) I was impressed how the team used social media to address bad users experiences and an applications with problems.

The vouchercloud team engaged with the users via twitter, no denial of problems, no defensiveness but open and honest acknowledgement of the problems and communication of their plan to address the problems and how it progressed. The team also responded with help and work around where possible.

The founder, Greg Le Tocq, even sent an email to users thanking for the feedback – when have you last been thanked for negative feedback ? It didn’t stop here, Greg asked for further feedback – and committed to read every piece of feedback.

I am convinced using social media the way vouchercloud has done it, is far more effective than pumping sales messages out as tweets.


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