Fear the power of social media more than regulators

I have in earlier posts argued organisations should monitor and engage on twitter because customers increasingly share their bad (and in some cases good) experiences with an organisation on twitter and these tweets are now a part of what potential customers see when they consider a product or company. The fact tweets now are included on google certainly makes this even more important and Paul Gillin find new technologies, like twitter, are magnifying the voice of individuals.

Mark Sweney goes in guardian.co.uk a step further and argues that advertisers should fear Twitter more than regulators. I agree with this thought:

“Lots of stuff that is passed around is negative. If you are a brand or a company today you should be far less worried about broadcast regulations than digitally empowered consumers. What is an ASA sanction versus a [negative] sanction from a couple of million people if you are not authentic?”

The whole article in the Guardian can be found here.


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  1. […] April 2010 I wrote yesterday about how brands should fear the power of social media more than regulators.Nick Garner has today a post on How to frighten a brand – it gives a good example of how […]


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