What is the argument for LinkedIn?

I am on the train and is using the time to deal with the inbox and a good number of emails that have been generated by LinkedIn and I begin to wonder if there is a reason to stay on LinkedIn – I know I could turn off some of the email notification, but this is the same as leave LinkedIn to gather dust. I can see LinkedIn is useful if you want to be on display at the recruiters’ meat market, but I need a better argument for using the site. There seems to be three areas to consider in LinkedIn:

  • Keeping in touch
  • Sharing updates
  • Groups

Keeping in touch: LinkedIn is good place to find former colleagues contact information, this works pretty well as long as people keeps their info up to date, but it seems a very big site for such a small task and I find it poor you can’t remove message exchanged and even connections aren’t removed fully when removing a contact (they still come up in the Outlook integration) so some clouds over the privacy of LinkedIn.

Sharing updates: Feels a bit like LinkedIn has tried to jump on the Social Media wagon without really knowing what they wanted to do. People who really want to share status updates use twitter (even LinkedIn seems to have realised this and now allow tweets to be re-published on LinkedIn)

Groups:  I have been a member of several groups but it feels like most people (but not all) just join to do some self promotion rather than sharing insight with the group, the effort to filter out the promotions posts isn’t justified, too few goodies. A good number of group members act as they just are members to be spotted by a recruiter, so the groups is really an extension of the core meat market.

I am really only on LinkedIn because it is a convenient free way of former colleagues contact details,  however, I am more and more frequent contacting people via twitter instead.  Blogs and twitter have long replaced LinkedIn as a way to share thoughts and updates, so LinkedIn could be in the last phase for me – the phase where it has peaked and it is just a matter of time before another service do the remaining functionality better.


One comment

  1. Came off Linked in a few weeks ago. Seemed a bit inflexible to use. Drives you to put info in in a way THEY want. Bit like an online VC with not enough control.


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