Is the iPad a disappointing product or are the wrong people disappointed ?

The blog and twitter sphere has the last few days been filled with posts about the iPad, I am sure few internet users would have missed the product launch. Many of the posts have expressed disappointment with the iPad in various ways. I can see why people are disappointed, but I think it more is caused by the product isn’t what people expect than because the product has major short comings. I have in my twitter stream said I think the iPad mainly is for (media) consumption rather than for creation, which I still believe is correct but Nate Weiner goes further in the post and say it isn’t just about expectations, the product isn’t created for the tech crowd (who I believe are the most active in the twitter and blog sphere). Nate’s post ‘The iPad: It wasn’t created for us.’ is worth reading, some good observations I think are correct – the iPod doesn’t meet the expectations of the tech crowd, but it wasn’t created for the the tech crowd.


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