No talking, please?

Carol Rozwell, Peter Sondergaard and Paul Proctor argued at the Gartner Symposium for not allowing corporate computing departments to block social networking and that security teams shouldn’t lock down communications with the outside world.

A summery of the session is posted here. It is interesting to read the comments left at the blog post, few of them show much understanding of the benefits of social network or worse, the benefit of communication and interaction. Talk about social network in a corporate settings often results in arguments for high level of managerial control over employee work practices and very little focus on the outcome of the work. This is probably the correct approach in certain work situations, but I struggle to see how knowledge based jobs, which more and more jobs are, can benefit from a ban on tools that facilitate communication and interaction with other people. Talking about innovation but at the same time preventing people from using social networks seems very unlinked up.

I think much of the problems comes from the assumption that social network is only about talking about what people did over the weekened but a corporate use of social network is much more about sharing knowledge, disucssing ideas and a tool to  work across orgational boundaries.

Carol Rozwell expands on her view in a post here. What is your view ?


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