Why is booze more important than an online precense?

I read on Mashable that nearly 1 in 2 companies do on-line due diligence for prospective job candidates, I assume a big part of this is about checking LinkedIn and similar professional networks but the article also talks about Facebook and how shared content with booze is highly dangerous – 44% of the companies dismissed candidates for this reason. It raises some questions like

  • Why are some companies so concerned about bruze realted photos for potential canddidates, most companies (at least in northen Europe) has a long standing tradition for company parties where people drink too much alcohol.
  • What if people post booze realted photos after employed, do they get fired ?
  • What if a candidate doesn’t share their Facebook profile, is this suspicious ?

I don’t want to advocate for drinking, but shouldn’t companies be more concerned if people don’t have an online precense – at least for jobs where an understanding of what is happening ont he internet and the world is important?

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