Collaboration networks will be to Enterprises what Social Networks are to Consumers

Patti Anklam quotes in her arcticle “Predictions for the future of collaboration” Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco for saying “Collaboration networks will be to Enterprises what Social Networks are to Consumers.” and continues to say the vision meets reality in the hard work of the social architecture, which includes attention to the following human elements:

  • Getting over the barriers to adoption of the technology
  • Designing collaborative spaces not just to serve the functions of collaboration, but the purpose of a specific network or collaboration
  • Modeling and supporting the behaviour of collaboration

I think this is some very valid observations, particular that collaboration spaces need to support both specific networks and the more general collaboration. Many people, even in IT, will be new to this kind of tool so I have seen in several organisation a real task in getting over the barriers of adapting new technology.


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  1. […] immediately responsive to market changes. However, as Torben Overgaard (2009) points out in his blog posting there are barriers, technical and intellectual, that must be overcome in order to effectively […]


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