Does an annoying sales strategy work?

Why do recruitment agents believe it is a good idea to annoy people they want to use their service? I just don’t get it and don’t believe it works, at least for most people in the IT industry. This approach may also explain why so many people dislike (to put it mildly) recruitment agents. I know many IT organisations are keen on getting in touch with people that isn’t active looking for a job to expand their pool of candidates, but find it difficult to reach these people. Most people that aren’t actively looking for job would not consider talking to an agent that try to start a dialogue by annoying them.

Today’s example:

The Nexus Group (Andrew Green) tried to join my network on LinkedIn despite the first paragraph in my profile says “I do NOT accept recruitment agencies in my network”.

To make it even more of a joke, Andrew writes “Looking at your profile I can see …”, so he claims to have read the profile. Lying or not being able to understand a simple message isn’t a good way of convincing people to use a service in my view.

Has the recruitment industry joined the spammers and just mass mail stuff and hope somebody falls for their “offer” despite their unprofessional sales strategy?


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