Winning a format fight but loosing a war

The fight between the HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats may be coming to an end, but I think the winning camp (lead by Sony or Toshiba) may have been so focused on winning the format fight that they have forgot this only is a fight not the real war – I think they may win the fight but loose the war – and this wouldn’t be the first time for Sony

Sony lost out to Apple on music with iPods and iTunes but it looks like they didn’t learn the lesson and realised the future is in streaming and downloads. Physical medias are already being replaced by downloads, streaming and on-demand services so is this fight really that important when DVDs soon isn’t the most important way of getting content.  The fight is also near the end of product technology life, not at the start, so there will not be much time to get a return on the investment after winning the fight.

If you don’t believe DVDs is a specie that will disappear, try to ask a person under 25 when he or she last bought a CD, the answer may well be: Never and I believe the same will happen for DVDs so Sony may win the Blu-ray fight but loose the war to download, streaming and on-demand services, I think these kind of services soon will be more important than physical disks.

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